Myth of the micro pig

Meet Millie

Millie the pig

Millie weighs 200 kilos

What happens then?

They become unwanted due to their size and outgrow the surroundings they live in. Some cases pigs are dumped in a field or illtreated to the point of near death and terrapins/turtles are dumped in canals, park ponds and in streets.

What do we provide?

We provide a full health check on their arrival to Pigs Inn Heaven, a loving home, food, water, bedding, shelter and care and support for their everyday needs. We have a hotel for casual residents passing through and a care home for those in need of permanent care, who live a full and enriched life.

Your responsibility

Please do intensive research before taking on one of the animals, pigs can live between 10 and 20 years and can end up as large as 200 kilos, terrapin/turtles can out live you and grow the size of a dinner plate or up to 2 feet long. You can get in contact and speak to one of our experienced staff to discuss your requirements.

Thinking of getting a Micro Pig?

If you are thinking of buying a Micro pig please come along to Pigs Inn Heaven and spend some time and get involved before you make your final decision. 

You can also read an article from Cotswold Life by Dom Joly which features Pigs Inn Heaven and talks about Micro Pigs.

Remember a pet is for life not just for the here and now.