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    What we do

    Pigs Inn Heaven Ltd is a sanctuary for unwanted pet pigs and terrapin/turtles.

    We have been rescuing pet pigs for 9 years. Due to rehoming we now have 45 pigs in 2019. In 2011 we rescued our very first 2 pet terrapins and now in 2019 have 27.

    Pigs in mud Turtles/terrapins swimming in tank

    Rehoming & Rescuing

    Number of pigs have changed over the years due to rehoming and rescuing. In 2019 we managed to rehome 24 pet pigs to good homes and continue to rehome successfully. In 2018 we also rescued 26 pet pigs and get ongoing weekly calls off the public to take them in. "A Micro Pig is a Piglet then it Grows".

    No animal is released from our care until a full environment/house check has been carried out of where the animals will end up living in hopefully their forever home with a loving and caring family.

    Myth of the micro pig

    Why breed a pig as a pet then sell it and tell people it will only grow to the size of a small Labrador but end up growing up to 2 metres in height and weighing a staggering 200 Kilos. Please read more on our Myth of the Micro Pig page.


    You can donate to PIG INN HEAVEN via PayPal or choose to Sponsor one of our animals here: