Before taking on a pig or terrapin/turtle make sure you do extensive research. We have compiled 2 lists of the requirement that you will need to consider.

Pig Requirements

Babe and Bella, rehomed pigsBabe and Bella, rehomed pigs

Babe (Boar) and Bella (Sow) rehomed in June 2016

  • A environment/house¬† check is required prior to taking a pig to check suitability
  • You will need to roughly have 100m2 of land to house 2 pigs plus
  • Have adequate shelter for them to live and sleep
  • Standard stock proof wire fence or electric fencing
  • Straw for bedding
  • Feed, fresh fruit and vegetables or pig nuts
  • Fresh water daily
  • Summer months¬† water bath for bathing to cool them down
  • Sun protection needed if very hot
  • Worm every six months
  • Find out where your nearest farm vet is for any medical requirements
  • Check skin daily for any cuts and grazes, fleas, ticks
  • Spend time with them, pigs are very sociable animals
  • Wash hands after handling/petting a pig


The European Parliament and the council of the European Union have put in place regulations that it is now illegal to sell or buy red eared sliders and yellow bellied terrapins.

Swimming turtles